Tinker Thinker Yellow Tie

A man @ Grand Central Station, New York City, 2019.

If you had a chance to read musings from people from other ages, say the 9th century, or even to hear music from other ages, say Bach music, and then you move forward and read you know your typical five items on your cell phone in less than five minutes including, say news, weather, social media, and email, or you play say pop music of the moment, it will be straightforward that the pacing of the contemporary human animal is literately challenging the limits of its capacity to discern their experience in the few-morsels-at-a-time we were designed for. And so I do this a lot today. I think about every morsel of my everyday experience, going into myself to break down the few variables out of a million I am capable of distinguishing, and try to make sense of it all. As a photographer who roams the streets every day with another eye above my regular two eyes have you any idea how hard it is today to find a person without a cell phone in their hand and in the act of thinking, or at the very least in a pensive mood? 

Yes. The reference is Rodin. But Rodin is a representation. This is a man with a yellow tie, head bowed in thought, a man with a name, and a specific life, iterating himself into two to see himself from above and below and try to make sense of what the fuck is happening to him and to each one of us today. Or maybe he is just thinking on whether to have that tuna salad Niçoise for lunch again today. But he is "thinking" in a non-representational manner and that is what drew me to him.

Title: Tinker Thinker Yellow Tie
Series: Passenger
Year created: 2019
Print Size: 72 x 57.6 in - 182.8 x 146.3 cm
Medium: Photography
Media: Archival Pigment Print
Edition of 3 + 1 AP
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