Now My Charms Are All O’erthrown

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Each artwork in the Masaccio's Dream series is offered in only one size. 

Title: Now My Charms Are All O’erthrown
Series Title: Masaccio’s Dream

Print Size: 90 x 72 in - 228.6 x 182.8 cm
Medium: Photography
Media: Dye Sublimation Aluminum Print
Edition of 3 + 1 Artist's Proof
(Artist's Proof is not available for sale)

While the photography artworks and series are now complete, the 90 x 72 inches print size presents a technical challenge, as Dye Sublimation Aluminum Print technology is limited to a maximum width of 48 inches.

 In creating Masaccio’s Dream and other artworks, I was influenced by the Latin American Muralism traditions I grew up with, which called for larger-than-life prints. Despite being aware of the 48-inch width limitation, I envisioned splicing the 90 x 72-inch artwork and printing it as two perfectly aligned panels, then matching them precisely to echo the schisms pervading our individual and societal psyches. However, the physical line between the panels, even if perfectly aligned, felt incomplete and gnawed at me for years.

One late night, I woke up vaguely remembering Kintsugi, the ancient Japanese art of repairing pottery with gold or silver dust as an act of healing and remembrance. I became obsessed with adapting this delicate technique to join large, heavy metal print panels. Griffin Editions confirmed they could produce, align, and mount the panels perfectly. Then, with the assistance of A.I.’s engineering know-how, I was able to resolve the technical challenges of adapting the technique to mend the two 90-inch aluminum panels together.

 Kintsugi not only heals the technical printing limitation, it imbues my artworks with a sculptural aura. It also enhances my vision as a visual thinker, allowing me to re-imagine and integrate the Latin American muralist tradition into the fine art photography canon, adding profound philosophical and cosmological resonance to Masaccio’s Dream.

 Given the substantial printing costs and the complexities of adapting Kintsugi, I invite inquiries from discerning art collectors and dealers interested in supporting and acquiring this unique series.

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For inquiries about the Masaccio’s Dream series, you can reach me at:
Tel: +1 347-772-9370 (New York City)